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"Yet through all the Gloom I can see the Rays ravishing Light and Glory. I can see that the end is more than worth all the Means. And that Posterity will tryumph in that Days Transaction, even altho We should rue it, which I trust in God We shall not."

John Adams, 1776, Letter to Abigail Adams

This is a free website founded and maintained by an extended working class family not unlike millions of others; it could be your family, it could be anyone's family.  There will be no solicitation for dues or fees of any kind.  Our views are opinion based, commentary in nature, and of conservative ideology.  We do not purport to be professional reporters or editors, nor accomplished website designers for that matter; just proud Americans who love our Country and who have a profound respect for the sacrifice of our Founding Fathers.  We do not intentionally misconstrue anything presented as fact.

Our Founding Fathers were averse to official titles, stemming from a general disdain for the extent of titles of nobility prevalent in the British hierarchy.  Out of respect for the custom of their time, we refrain from using contemporary titles associated with their official capacities.  Their writing style frequently placed emphasis on key words and rhetorical phrases by use of capitalization, text herein exhibits like use but with respect for the grammatically correct does so sparingly.

We are not of the arrogance nor ignorance to assert our thoughts turned to print represent those of our Founding Fathers.  We are far removed from having walked in their hallowed shoes.  Instead we have been fortunate to walk in shoes preserved by them "with certain unalienable Rights" among them "freedom of speech" and "the press" for all of us to have and to cherish.  Armed with a certain knowledge of their writings; of history, philosophy, religion, and of current events in our time; and with a professed humility of our limitations, herein contains our thoughts and our hopes pertaining to the current issues of our day.  If anyone should recognize their thoughts in ours, we ask them to join us in our quest to sustain American as we believe she has meant to be.

This site evolved from years of watching our governments at all levels expand their scope of influence to our, The People's, detriment.  Monetary expense in ever increasing taxes, fines and fees; an erosion of our personal freedoms in layers of laws and regulation; and a relentless chipping away of our moral values in government mandates and judicial activism.  We kept asking, what can we do?

We discussed the current issues of the day, contacted our legislative representatives, federal, state, and local levels to whatever the issue may be, and found that we lost ground day after day.  We voted for what we thought was conservative leadership, when we lost we really lost, when we won we also lost.  Lost to more unlimited government.  We kept asking, what else can we do?

Our focus was on the big picture, the items that need to be redressed to return our Country to what Ronald Reagan termed the "shining city on the hill"; for the sake of our children, and their children.  These issues are discussed in the Reform Agenda, but in frustration we found that we could not directly effect these on an individual basis.  Rather on talk radio or television news commentary, or at town halls or tea parties we kept hearing others ask, what else can we do?

We understand that rolling back government services can be frightening to those who work in public service or who are dependent upon government assistance; we all have family, friends and neighbors in those precise positions.  We love them to.  But what should be truly fearful to all of us is the status quo.  As our governments grow, more and more wealth and vitality is sucked out (can you feel it?) of the private markets to feed the public-sector, this course cannot, therefore it will not sustain the Economic, Political and Social opportunities our ancestors passed on to us and that we have enjoyed for most of our lives.  As we ask that government services be rolled back to the limited restraints found in their constitutions or charters, for the good of our Country, and The People, we also ask that any reductions in the public workforce be accomplished through attrition and reassignment, without layoff.  For services to those that need assistance, our Reform Agenda calls for privatizing some, some may remain in government, for others we advocate private philanthropy.  So what are our answers?

We have come to our answers, we hope to be yours, they're listed in our Call to Action.  Some cliches come to mind: "fight fire with fire", "hit them where it hurts", John Paul Jones' "I have not yet begun to fight!", etc.  You get the picture.  Those pretty much sum up the Economic approach, but there's also the Political and Social side: "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me", "a rising tide lifts all boats", "help those who help themselves".  If we have the Will these are items each one of us can do, by ourselves, for the ultimate good of our Country.

We believe if answered by millions these items could: Economically, bring our governments to their knees by depriving them of the monetary funds necessary to enable them to follow policies evoking unlimited government; Politically, bring representation to government office that will put our Country back on the course charted by our Founding Fathers; and Socially, allow government services to be rolled back while privately providing for those who truly need a helping hand.  Our Country needs your help, we ask for your help, we ask for everyone's help.  Thank you.

"Thank God, to reach this envied State we need only to Will.  Yes my countrymen.  Our Destiny depends on our Will.  But if we would stand high on the Record of Time that Will must be inflexible."

Gouvernuer Morris, 1800, Speech

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